Selectively Permeable: A Disclaimer

My Diary Online. A most random, truly heartfelt pensieve of a Filipino student-nurse’s knowledge; angsty rants; smart-aleck observations; patriotic aspirations; activist sentiments and artsy critiques sprinkled with generous amounts of verbose gayness.
(I just repeated what was on the info-caption part on top of the page for all of you too disoriented by all the colors or too lazy to read it)
So basically, the phrases I put above are going to be the main or at least commonly-touched topics of this blog of mine.  But they certainly won’t be limited to them. This blog is going to be really personal and wordy, so if that’s not your cup of tea, you might as well turn around and find another tea shop.
I’m fluent in English, Filipino, Capampangan, Swardspeak and Medical/Nursing jargon; so you’ll a lot of code-switching, run-on sentences and bastardization of languages in my posts as well. I’ll just define and explain stuff as I go along. Excuse my language and please bear with me. I am a grammar-nazi but I’m far from perfect. So please forgive my occasional grammatical error, misused idiom, oft-used cliche, a redundancy or a  lapse in style or punctuation. Sorry if this blog gets buggy or whatever. I’m such a noob to blogging.
Since you are my guest to this home of my thoughts and I am the host, I shall treat you with hospitality and respect. So I’ll cut back on my censor-worthy words and thoughts. But I must be given my due respect as well. Feel free to comment here or personally contact me for any clarifications or reactions to what I have written here, but comment with sense and with a sense of prudence and respect. The last thing I’d want is some piece of hate mail with baseless arguments and hurtful diatribes.
Because these are my personal thoughts, views, rants and opinions and they do not represent necessarily the institutions or concepts which I refer or allude to. As much as possible, I mean no offense to any reader or group. Most of the pictures/links/videos I’ll post here are not mine originally. I don’t own them and I don’t intend any sort of copyright infringement or plagiarism. I’ll cite when I must.
More often than not, I find my mind in a state of disarray, and so this translates to my thoughts and the way I express myself. All I ask of you, dearest reader, whoever you are, is just to be like a “selectively-permeable membrane layer”. Like the cell wall keeps out polar, large or charged molecules, I ask you not to take my word for everything I say because most of what I expect to write are a bunch of flowery rants of sentiments insignificant to the advancement of humanity. So just take it with an open, but discerning, filtering mind. 
Thank you very, very much for choosing to (waste) pass your time here. Happy reading.

About jdelacruz

I may be one complete package, but don't even bother anymore to stuff me in a box or to stick some label on me. I'm above and beyond all that now. We must get out, while there's still time. So burst your little bubble; break open and rise out of that box; and step out of your comfort zone. Journey with me. This may take a while, but trust me, it's worth the wait.

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